We designed a series of shirts and garments that evoke what communes in the 60’s were wearing. It has all the shades of the sunset. A worn type of look, that really works best in multiple layers. To show the multitude of designs, we created a campaign in print and digital video that tries to emulate commune life in the 60’s. The type of hippies who moved in geodesic domes and tried to change the future, the counter culture, in all its shades. Back then when you would wash these various sunset tones, they would mix and they would change their look. The mix of these layers is what makes this interesting. It's not your typical fashion shoot. It's not so much about being precious and pretty, as it is about being real. It is keeping with the line of clothing. 


We are proud to announce our collaboration with well-known artist, author and blogger Iké Ude. Iké has gained notoriety for his sartorial achievements both in his work, and himself personally. He is the blogger behind the CHIC INDEX, author of Style File: The World’s Most Elegantly Dressed, and has made frequent appearances on the Vanity Fair International Best Dressed List. 

Iké is best known for his ongoing series of photographic self-portraits, Sartorial Anarchy. The variety of costumes across geography and time immediately grabbed the eye of designer Sloane Angell. They selected two of Ike’s signature images and translated them to the brand's luxury tees.

Mercer Market x Ike Ude Collaboration